Capsula’s solar secrets

September 18, 2013

tells the legend that Martin Guevara often dreamt of David Bowie, and above all
during and after performing and recording his own ‘Dreaming of The Rise And
Fall of Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders from Mars’. In that period Krian Music
set a deadline for the band to release this, its ninth work; but the clashing
of a number of dates meant that John Agnello, the producer of their two
previous discs, was unable to participate on this occasion. In the meantime, a
friend of Capsula managed to get a demo of their latest compositions into the
hands of Tony Visconti, the producer and right-hand man of David Bowie, as well
as of T. Rex and others in the past. Contrary to all expectations, Visconti
became insistently interested in the band and offered to produce their new

Solar Secrets has been thought up for the European market
(Gaztelupeko Hotsak), and for the American market as well (Krian Music) and it
is true that it includes, like this wild animal called Capsula, all the
background and influences drawn from all the stages they have fought over. However,
it is true that the work might sound more American than the previous ones: the
glam, ever present in the band’s chromosomes, is more palpable here as is the
70s hard rock of those inaccurately referred to as dinosaurs that exists and
mutates into bands like this one (‘Seven crimes’, ‘Dark
age’ close to stoner by the moment, coming out of blues and ‘You cannot blame’
which grows until it is lost in the psychedelic).

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