Dive into the Sea

July 28, 2022


 Dive into the Sea



Abandon oneself to the undisturbed pulse of the tides
and their permanent movement. The sea is the origin, the inspiration, the maternal uterus that
welcomes us in its bosom whenever we need to remind ourselves what we really are. Hold our
breath just to listen one´s own heart in the most absolute silence, letting ourselves be rocked by the current to merge with it and become one.


Eva Alcaide, in addition to having
collaborated with a large number of artists over time and having a long live
experience, she has a remarkable academic record. From her early beginnings in
classical guitar at Adolfo Salazar Music Conservatory in Madrid, her time at Creative
Music School, where she delves into the fields of contemporary music, holding a
graduated degree in jazz guitar at Basque Country Higher Music Center (Musikene).
This guitar player from Madrid consolidates her training by completing a
master’s degree in Jazz Guitar Interpretation at the Royal Conservatoire of

 A time when this record begins to be developed
being joined by four unquestionable
prestige renowned musicians whose common link could be placed at an academic
level at Basque Country Higher Music Center (Musikene), an international
reference and guarantee of excellence. Apart from madrilian guitar player
herself, the band is lined up by Durango singer, Irati Bilbao, Begin Project
leader who has established herself in recent
times as a benchmark due to 2020 self-titled released record. Piano player, Jorge Fernández, another renowned and
experienced artist as well as No Land
project creator. Joining the band are Carlos Montull on bass, who combines his teaching work with
innumerable collaborations with other artists and versatile and drummer Aitor Bravo, a Triology and No-Land
Trio member among others.


Dive into the sea” has a brilliant production that immerses into sound depths that
taste of contemporary jazz without forgetting tradition with different influences, full of nuances and colors
that are left to filter through an excellent collection of compositions written
by Eva Alcaide throughout her
years as a student inspirated by the sea and its iconography. Right from melodic games between Irati Bilbao vocals and Eva Alcaide
guitar on “Fresh start” through “Budelli Island” cyclical and evocative structure or even “In these Halfway” until reaching “Movement at the coral”. Band’s cohesion drives us through underwater landscapes and contemporary jazz currents with its own character. Echoes from Pat Metheny and Ben Monder under Eva Alcaide
intrumental mastery drawing aquatic melodies in blue and green on instrumental

The Peacocks“just to lead the rhythmic
Naima” and make
clear band´s complicity, ending up with homonymous “Dive into the sea


Permanent movement, the undisturbed pulse of the tides. Eva Alcaide paints the most absolute silence in marine colors in a masterful way, unraveling the
mystery of the one who lets herself be rocked by the current to merge with it
and become one. “Dive into the sea” is the proof of it.

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