ESNE ZOPAK: From the roots

November 25, 2009

Milk and bread. It does not take much to make bread and milk. But it is a good appetizer. The tambourine triki and also, in his humility, have the capacity to dance all that are around. Esne Zopak is the new draft Esne Beltza. Has obtained new topics touched in the old style, and dressed up in stories of those times.


                By sound have tried to approach the traditional triki sound, for it has used approximately trikis of 1900. Those of Esne Beltza thought the best way to approach the traditional trikitixa was close to former trikitilaris. That was how began to be with them and hear their stories, and there’s the peculiarity of the letters of Esne zopak project, bringing together the passages of these ancient trikitilaris.


                Among others, Joakin Epelarre, Ramon Landakanda, Imanol Iturbide, Tomas Epelde, Iñaki Laja, Xapre, Inaxio Etxeberritxo, Felisa, Loyola Bitoriano “Ospas and Praxku are trikitilaris which stars former work. These stories have adapted the lyrics of improvisers like Iker Zubeldia, Jon Maia and  Jon Garmendia.


                But aside from listening, “Esne zopak” is also to see it. The DVD lists these trikitilaris telling their stories and some even play a part.

In addition, the DVD also includes a short film. The day concert held in the cider Larralde from Astigarraga also just recorded this short film with Ane Elordi and Mikel Laskurain, with producer Tropofilms. The concert is recorded in the recording and also include images of his recent visit to Japan’s Fuji Rock festival

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