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September 26, 2016

The record
opens up  with “Starblues”, an instrumental shuffle with Otis Rush
reminiscences  and the greatest an
legendary powerblues trios spirit, with a flawless  hammond sound accompanying  the band to giving step “Beldurra Iluntasunean” (Fear of the darkness) a half time shuffle
with an intimist character and remarkable harmonic  developments. “Gu geu” (Us) is declaration of intentions where  much missed Stevie Ray Vaughn´s nerve and
Sonny Boy Williamson become clear references as the song moves forward verse by
verse up to a undoubted  rock flavored
chorus, probably the most original song from the record. “Gezur`N´ Blues” (Lies and Blues) it takes us back to slow blues
tradition with a anti-establishment message, deserving special mention Jon´s
guitar work and Yon Labayen combining hammond and piano. Follows up  “Musikaz
” (Blind with music) and “Irudi
” (Living  Images) a piano
intro in the most pure New Orleans style mixed with mambo, jazz and shuffle
thus highlighting the many different influences from the Guipuzkoan band
members. “Lagun ezezagun” (Friend) an
energetic Blues Rock piece through Jon´s guitar and solvent band´s work.  Closing down the record “Errepidean” (In the road) a true
blend of styles, right from Boogie to Country hard to classify transgressing
any label, taking for granted the originality in each and every song written by
Jon Barreros.  

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