Gatos Bizcos: absolutely direct musically

June 1, 2012

Music is simply music and
that is what the Gatos Bizcos do. Music with all kinds of influences: blues,
rock, swing, soul… with enough energy that no one will be left unmoved.

Sometimes destiny and music
cause four people to come together; they would never have found each other
otherwise. In this case, we can say that it was a blues legend, Mr. Eddie
C. Campbell,
who finished shaping this project which is now
up and running.
In 2010, the band accompanied Eddie on his European
tour after a preliminary meeting between Quique Gómez and Eddie in Chicago a
few months previously.

That was just the start. It
was followed by more shows that ended up defining the band’s sound and
reflecting, on a disc, everything that had been assimilated.

The long tour has got going
and the Gatos Bizcos concerts are difficult to forget. Seeing them is an
experience that transports you to another age and puts scenery in the purest
American style inside your head. If they happen to be in town, try them out,
don’t think twice about going along to see them, you won’t regret it.

I can´t believe my eyes is a work recorded in the old way at
the Funkameba studios in Madrid with Santi Martín as the technician.

Eleven songs, a handful of
them Gatos Bizcos originals and the odd tribute, not to mention Eddie C.
Campbell with “That’s when I know”.

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