GAUR Living music

January 4, 2022


Ancestral songs,
jazz improvisation, colorful music, tradition, avant-garde music. Music is
above all, a living being that interacts with its environment, with its past
and present, constantly mutating. This is just the way is understood by Noa Lur through this project backed by
a luxury band. Acclaimed as one of the best European jazz young voices at “Nomme
Jazz” International Festival in Estonia and BBK Jazz showcase excellence award
for her “Troublemaker” album release. She has opened for artists such as
Bobby McFerrin and Macy Gray. Even owning a truly dazzling voice full of
nuances and a real broad range, however, she is down-to-earth, faithful to
Bilbao where she was born and fed by its culture and it´s musical tradition
through which she discovered jazz music, a music that has given her so many
things and to which she has dedicated her life to, especially now with this
record in which both worlds dialogue without temporal or stylistic borders,
fresh, alive and full of new possibilities.


Nine songs, two
of them written by Noa herself with ancestral songs with other popular themes
such as “oi, Peio, Peio” or “Parisko Kale Batean” by
Oskorri under Ander García musical
direction. GAUR has Lur on lead vocals and Ander himself on double bass and
electric bass, along with David Sancho
on piano and keyboards, David Fernandez
on drums, and Alejandro Fernández on
Octapad, in addition to María Toro occasional
flute contributions and Carlos Sagi
arrangements from the string quartet composed by Maureen Choi, Julia Alvarez, Pedro Barberán and Javier Romero.


A great line-up
that combines Basque artists vision from Noa and Ander who was born in Bilbao
and a main character from our jazz scene. A musician who has worked with Jeff
Berlin, Rodney Kendrick, Perico Sambeat or Javier Paxariño, has released four
albums at the time and leads his own bands. A vision shared by musicians with
different origins such as David Sancho from Madrid who has recorded two solo
albums and collaborated with Moisés Sánchez, Henry Cole, Antonio Lizana. David
Fernandez from Zaragoza who has a member of Bob Sands Big Band, Bobby Martinez
Latin Band or Norman Hogue Band. An increased vision, if possible, by Korean
American Maureen Choi and Maria Toro from Galicia just to accommodate new
sensibilities and desires for exploration that derive in this kaleidoscopic and
suggestive result.


All in all, a
beautiful tribute to the diverse musical roots from the musicians related in
the record. To jazz magic, to the absence of borders and prejudices and to open
space, to all the possibilities that it always offers us. Música viva. (Living music)


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