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March 20, 2013

The musical activity of the Perinké Big Band began in 2004 under the
auspices of the Professional Conservatoire of Music of Las Palmas (Gran Canaria).
Even though today’s human group was to become consolidated later on, it was in
the year 2009 that the group broke away from the Conservatoire and embarked on
its solo career.
fact was to generate a greater degree of maturity in training and in its
members. Since then, it has been occupying its place as
one of the top groups in the city of Las Palmas, as well as in the Canary
Islands themselves, as they perform on many stages the length and breadth of
the Canaries. The band started out by seeking the
ongoing training of its members in jazz, improvisation and Big Band music
through constant work and contact with other musicians devoted to these musical

This premise has been maintained throughout time, and
has prompted the group to draw up a calendar of collaboration and training with
Canary Islander musicians specialising in modern music and jazz (José Alberto
Medina, Gilberto Rivero, Javier Montero, Juan Manuel Alemán, Enrique
Fernández-Villamil, Rayko León, and others); they complement the group’s
training and work on its ongoing musical development.
It was out of this
experience that the idea came up of asking these musicians to compose an
original item for the band to launch its first recorded work (“Desde aquí…”)
which has been developing throughout 2012 with close synchronisation between the
composers and the band.

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