IBILTARIXANAK. It was the last gig

February 11, 2003

It provided a grand excuse to present a few passages of Basque contemporary poetry, a very reflection on our existence, indeed. The title of the performance was taken from a book by the writer from Eibar, Toribio Etxebarria, and texts used came from Basque authors such as Orixe,Gabriel Aresti, Koldo Izagirre, Miren Agur Meabe, Juanjo Olasagarre.
In any case, you can find the texts in the LITERATURE section of this web page.
Previous performances were the song recital Bakarrik bahago neguan (if you find yourself alone in winter) and the spectacle Dana lanbrotute ikustot (seeing everything darkly). You will soon be able to find Las palabras perdidas de la Tribu (the lost words of the tribe) from Mikel Markez and Pako Aristi.

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