La Rural Blues Band

June 1, 2020


The Rural Blues Band was formed
as an acoustic trio with Pety Pelaez vocals along with Terry “Hot Leather” and Alberto Martín on guitar not until 2014, with the launch of their
first work in EP format, when the band acquires an  electric sound, allowing them to participate
in different festivals and venues throughout the state, consolidating in 2015
due to their second EP “A better world” and 
Lorenzo Matellán to keyboards,
Juanma Cayuela to the drums and José Carlos Gómez on bass joining the
band,  serves as a preamble to the
publication of his first album.


Recorded at “Headroom Studio” in Madrid and mastered by Dave
Cooley in “Elysian Masters” in L.A., “Autoblues” is a record full of sense of humor and irony. The
place where a whole catalog of rural Spanish characters coexists. The band from
the most energetic Blues moves all the Delta’s iconography to the local reality
helped by a large number of collaborators and a great variety in the
instrumentation which gives it a very eclectic character thanks to a
magnificent production work.” Prohibido ”
and “Un mundo mejor ” opening songs close to Rock
with a brilliant result by Lorenzo Matellán to keyboards. In “Saliendo
del camino ” the band returns to the most classic Blues shuffle to recreate
in a much more acoustic environment reminiscent of the Delta in
“Autoblues”. Halfway between Rock and the Blues “Fuckin
‘summer” returns to the shuffle joined by the horn section and boogie with
bagpipe included on “John soy minero.”


 “Yo canto Blues” the
necessary slow blues with ingenious lyrics while “Encuentros” a
middle time that highlights the inherent band´s sense of humor.
Aún me va el motorswings taking
us back to a more rural sound on “Licor de hierbas” right before
covering “Going up to the country” one of the greatest Canned Heat´s hits,
renamed “Vamos al campo” for the occasion. Ending up with “Oh momi with a
great coral display and recorded at the Fender Club.

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