Magnolia Route

February 28, 2014

Magnolia Route was the first asphalted
road that connected the cities of Chicago and Gulfport on the coast of the
State of Mississippi; up until that moment there had only been a railroad
connection. That happened in 1927.


In 2014, the Travellin’ Brothers will
have been on the musical road for 10 years, and continuing with that road
metaphor Magnolia Route, they are undertaking a new musical journey that will
take them from Chicago to New Orleans, via Nashville, Memphis and a whole host
of cities and sounds. A journey through all the music of Afro-American origin,
a journey in time between decades.


In their sixth album they present
“Magnolia Route”, their most ambitious project. It is a disc in which they
achieve absolute maturity and in which they take a leap forward stylistically
speaking, starting from blues as always, but crossing its
frontiers with class and elegance.


In “Magnolia Route” we can find swing
and jazz in the purest Big Band style of the 1930s and 1940s, sounds from the
Mississippi delta, New Orleans festivals, touches of Nashville country, soul
and gospel in the Stax Studios style of Memphis, and even mambo with a certain
Latin flavour in the style of the New York Big Bands and Chicago blues, of


So, an in-depth journey through real
Rhythm and Blues.




These travelling brothers offer us 9
original compositions no less, and on this occasion they wanted to be in good


In many of their items they travel accompanied
by their unstoppable Big Band; they have now been touring with this group for 3
years and they sound more and more authentic and co-ordinated. We can also find
guest artists that are a real luxury, like Antonio Serrano with his harmonica, Dan
Cabanela and his voice, Francisco Simón on guitar or Mikel Azpiroz on the
Hammond; these collaborations have emerged as a result of the specific resonance
they have been keen to convey in some of their items.


Without giving up the basic formation
they have been touring half the world with, we also find some items in sextet


as the icing on this huge cake, and in a bid to surprise and add something new,
they have had the collaboration of La Kantoria choir of Leioa (Bizkaia, Basque
Country) in the songs with the touch of soul and gospel, in which 14 young girls
have participated. The result is truly amazing and provides us with a new
dimension of the Travellin’ Brothers. 

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