Marco Martinez & NOI

July 22, 2021


songs composed by Marco Martínez and recorded in January 2021 at the Meidinerz
Jazz Club de Gijón, among which in addition to his ubiquitous and majestic
phrasing guitar
, voice, and samplers we may find
Horacio García on bass and Pier Bruera on drums as the base band, occasionally
joined by Eladio Díaz on saxophone, César Latorre on piano and Fernando Arias
on percussion. An outstanding graphic design by the Franco-Belgian artist Marie
Lavis, a regular collaborator in Montreux Festival, rounding off a record that
stands out with a special brightness in the large Errabal Jazz catalog. One of
those albums apparently with an anecdotal appearance, released as an appendix
or accompaniment of a greater work ending up generating a new being itself,
complicit and oblivious at the same time to the work that inspired it. Making
us even doubt what was created before and what after. A strange world, oblivious
to time and space, no doubt.

NOI lives in a
strange world, far removed from time and space. Arising from emotions caused by
“Todo está allí” (Everything is There) a free Chekhov’s Three Sisters version
written by
Victoria A. Mussetti, enriching this beautiful play with a look or
rather countless thorough, personal, unique, sometimes serene, other disturbing
and always appealing glances.
Like the characters in the
play, Irene, Andrés and Olga, travelers in a familiar and at the same time oblivious
to a time that no longer exists, idealized, and sometimes hated as well.
mixture of emotions that lead into a personal development that everyone must
feel it their own way, along with NOI. A collection of compositions written by
Marco Martínez that becomes another character that grows right next to them on
this beautiful album.

is graduated in Jazz Superior degree in Superior Music Center of the Basque
Country-Musikene,  School of Modern Music
and Jazz of Oviedo teacher and pedagogical director from Siero Improvisation
Seminary, he has been teaching since 1994, and has developed an intense jazz
work in his own groups such as Quatro Jazz Quartet, Marco Martínez Special Trio
and also collaborating among others with Connection 4tet , E. D. Hip Hop
Experience, Cinema, Eladio Díaz Control Z, Mapi Quintana and Joaquín Chacón.
Although it was not until 2019 when he released his first album as a leader,
also for Errabal. A sign that his most precious treasure has been gradually taking
shape out of wisdom gathered during this journey to deploy him in his deepest
and most emotional expression (to date) in NOI. Basic trio, three simple letters,
initials from three characters, that awaken a new world and grow before our
eyes and ears, stunned and fascinated, unable to decipher the code to its
breathtaking beauty.

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