February 18, 2006

During these years the group has performed at festivals, museums and culture centres in Basque Country, France and the Spanish State. This latest disk marks a continuity in the sense that instrument formation continues to be the same as in their beginnings. The group continues to base itself on Miren´s vocals, who writes the lyrics in Basque for Jean Louis Hargous´ musical compositions. But on this latest disk, one can notice changes: a deepening in improvisation, more contemporary influences of modern-day jazz, more personal, and less academic.

Amongst all of the themes that Lorategi hibridoan offers is poetry by Juan Kruz Igerabide. It’s a traditional theme adapted for the group offered as electronic music and as a bonus track.

Besides Miren Aranburu (vocals) and Jean Louis Hargous (sax), whom created the group, the ensemble is rounded out by Jean Paul Gilles on double bass, Vincent Thomas on drums and Arnaud Labastie on piano.

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