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May 10, 2013

Burbuja is the first album of a young but
experienced musician who gained expertise in top bands (“Chris Kase
Quintet”, “Mikel Andueza Superquintet”, “Bob Sands Big
Band”, “Pirineos Jazz Orkestra”…) besides participating in major festivals
all over the Iberian peninsula (Jazzaldia of Donostia-San Sebastian,
International Jazz Festival of San Javier, Jazz Festival Zaragoza, etc.). On
this recording you can appreciate his amazing composing consistency,
irrespective of the languages he uses, be they exclusive items from bop,
or modern jazz. Dedicated to his daughter, it is a sound
photograph of a specific moment in the musician’s life. Reflection, serenity,
connection with the land of his birth… conjuring up the performing excellence
of a budding Coltrane.

The accompaniment of the items
deserves a special section, but strictly speaking it is the musicians called
who end up being equally prominent. Opposite the frisellian guitar of Alejandro
the tenor sax player calls up a second strings player, this
time the methenyan, that of Jorge Abadías,
whose sounds enrich that intimate, serene jazz that envelops the whole album.
Finally, Xan Campos on piano, Luisa Brito on
double bass, and Iago Fernández on drums generously volunteer to
make everyone feel at home, and also be able claim their own titles as regards
the good rhythmic content of this encounter.

An excellent piece of work done by musicians who do their artistic work
from Navarre.

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