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February 11, 2014

Each disc of the Nevermind Trio constitutes a separate chapter in
this band’s career. Let us remember that Hasier Oleaga (drums), Jorge Abadias
(guitar) and Aritz Luzuriaga (double bass) got together to do performances of
Nirvana –and incidentally, to revive the memory of the many moments they had
during the 1990s–, and out of that experience emerged Nevermind People
(Errabal, 2009), the trio’s first album with items by the Seattle band and
recorded with the collaboration of the singer Ainara Ortega. 


The next recording work was Be (Errabal, 2011), in
which there is no trace of Kurt Cobain; it was produced with the clear
intention of removing any element that might restrict or prevent the trio from heading
down their road towards beauty and freedom. Together with their own
compositions, which have been directly inspired by Mikel Laboa, Jordi Bonell or
Wilco, the three musicians dared to adapt the Baroque, intuitive universe of
Giovanni Battista Pergolesi, and Modest Mussorgski.


The Nevermind Trio is back, refreshed and reinforced in this third
album. Firstly, the double bass has given way to Julen Izarra’s saxophone, and
secondly, the album is made up exclusively of their own
compositions, with the exception of Dear Prudence (The Beatles),
and was recorded and mixed by Timoteo Ozaeta Jalas (Potato).
With this unusual formation and instrumentation, the three musicians have
managed to develop a distinctive musical discourse and to put the identity of
the Nevermind Trio among avant-garde jazz sounds. Free of complexes and with a
clear will to progress.

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