PATTA : a new link in the pop-rock tradition of the Urola area

November 21, 2011

Urola valley, and the towns of Azpeitia and Azkoitia especially, have since the
1980s been one of the main platforms for Basque pop-rock. Jotakie stood out among
the groups to emerge back then. It was one of the few that dared to do elegant
pop-rock in Basque in the years when Basque Radical Rock burst onto the scene. Despite
not being as well-known as Jotakie, Dirección Obligatoria also left
its mark among pop fans. In this case, influenced by the Madrid scene, they used to sing in Spanish.

Sudupe aka Patta (vocals and guitar) and Luciano Martin aka Luka
(base) were behind the origin and development of both groups. Nearly 25 years
later in 2010 Patta and Luka got back together on stage accompanied by other
musicians to sing the old songs of Dirección
and some new ones that Patta has been composing over these
years. That reunion had a continuation, and Patta and Sendaezinak took shape
with the musical contributions of new components of drums, keyboards and wind. It
is a pleasant and great surprise and a
new link to add to the Urola pop-rock tradition
.  Incurables.

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