PETTI + CAPSULA acoustic

January 20, 2010


In Buenos Aires, Argentina, a pair of lovers of dark and psychedelic rock and roll and punk decided to assemble a band that in a few years it has become one of the biggest rock groups active at state at the time. Emigrated from his native Argentina to settle in Bilbao, and from that hub are able to develop a successful career, strong and active like few others. This would have traveled three continents, with five tours in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal, South America and a U.S. tour. His direct and discs – “Songs & Circuits” (Lilliput, 07), “Rising Mountain” (BCore, 09) – not only confirm the feeling of being at a real band, of which puts the emphasis on attitude, a way of life, so his passion beyond fashion and devotion for a job well done with the urgency of someone who wants to live fast and explore all the corners before it is too late. His set live is not limited to music but also includes visual and technological deployment that makes them a unique case of futuristic garage-rock, with influence from South American underground rock that makes cap a truly exceptional group.

Last delivery: Ivan Julian & Capsule: The Naked Flame (Bloody Hotsak, 09)



Juan Luis Perez Petti, singer and guitarist, was a member of Noise Hole before began a solo career. He has recorded four albums-Amets bat (Gaztelupeko Hotsak, 1999), Arrazoiak (GH 2001), Etxeko uzta (GH, 2003) and On (RI, 2007) – plus a split EP with Anari, Anari ta Petti (Metak Sessions Pil-Pil, 2004), and one with Rafa Rueda and Txuma Murugarren, Hauxe (GH, 2006). It also took part in the tribute album to the poet Lauaxeta, Ehungarrenean hamaika (GH, 2005). He has performed at the festival Azkena Rock Gasteiz and toured with the American songwriter Terry Lee Hale. Recorded live acoustic Awañak (Bonberenea, 08) and these days is put into circulation Barrence Whitfield & Petti & The Bloodyhotsak, shared with the American artist. Today is one of the major artists in the field of Folk / Blues / Rock.


Other concerts Cotton Club
ESNE BELTZA + KEU Agirretxea

Song, folk

Saturday, January 23rd BILBAO. Cotton club. 20:00



Blues, country, swing, rockanroll

Friday, January 29th. BILBO. Cotton club. 20:00


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