PETTI to play at the same venue as Iggy Pop

September 19, 2003

On 12 and 13 September, the city of Vitoria-Gasteiz will play host to an event that is an absolute must for all rock lovers: the Azkena Rock Festival, which will bring together the most popular musicians currently on the rock scene. Performers will include Iggy Pop, The Cramps, The Dictators, Ray Davies, Jet Lag, Petti and many more.

For two days, music will sound continuously from the two parallel stages set up specially for the event in a marquee in the Mendizorroza sports centre. The concerts will begin at 5 o’clock in the afternoon and the last group will finish their performance at around 3 o’clock in the morning. In other words, we will all be dancing until the early hours!

Petti will open the Saturday concert on the central stage. He will start playing at around 5 o’clock in the afternoon and will be accompanied by the band Etxeko Uzta, a combination which promises a performance charged with energy and vigour. The same day, Ray Davies, The Dictators, Steve Earle &The Dukes, Hermano and The Cherry Valence will all be playing on the same stage, along with The Hellacopters, Theenage Fandub, The Jeevas and Zein? on the Azkena stage.
We do not know whether the fact that Petti and Steve Earle will be playing on the same stage on the same day is a coincidence or something more profound, but in Petti’s last album, Petti & Etxeko Uzta, he sung a version of a song by this American artist, mixed with lyrics by Mikel Laboa. We are, of course, talking about the wonderful track ‘Agurra’.

In February, Petti went on a national tour with Terry Lee Hale. This was no one-off collaboration, since both artists are now considering a number of possible joint projects, such as recording a joint album or … we’ll have to wait and see!

So many concerts and projects seemed to have spurred Petti on to new heights, and his new album is already well on the way to completion. Watch out for the surprises that this multitalented Navarran no doubt has in store for us in the future.

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