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April 29, 2014

August Dixie Town recorded a very special concert live at the Sala Son concert
venue in Cangas do Morrazo supported by guests from the local Vigo scene. A
concert lasting over two hours celebrating the climax of the first year since
the recording of their latest studio album, the acclaimed O Furacán. Two
hours during which the hard blues and psychedelic rock band formed in 2007 by
Oscar Fontan, Lucas Ferrández and Pepe Ferrández felt the heat of a devoted
audience in a concert venue bursting at the seams;  the band offered the best concert in their history and
perhaps the sweetest and best oiled moment of their 2013 tour. Fortunately, the
concert was recorded and Burned Alive bears witness to what took place
that night.


includes twelve tracks, all originals except for the
traditional Rolling and Tumbling and The Hunter (Booker T.
Jones), and sums up the band’s career started in 2007 and reflected so far in
four studio albums: Hardnighters, Blues Believers (2007), Overdrive
(2008), Fat & Superb (2010) and O Furacán (2012). The
customary energy, spontaneity and rawness of the sound produced live by the
trio, a successor to bands like Ten Years After, Mountain, Atomic Roosters and
The Incredible Hog, are enriched this time with the collaboration of musicians
like Isaac Campos (Sugar Mountain), Ruben Suarez (High Sierras), Toño Lopez
(Soul Jacket) and David “Tato” Vazquez (Bakin Blues Band), who add mandolins,
keyboards, voices and fabulous guitars to this strongest of reviews of Dixie
Town’s recent repertoire. There are numbers that are now classics for the
trio’s followers, like Doublecrossed, A life, a lie, You can’t
stop me now
and Every father’s son.


Although it
was Mike Mariconda from New York who handled the production on the previous
album, O Furacán, for the editing, mixing and mastering of this new work
Dixie Town have had the help this time of the legendary producer Joaquín Torres
(Stevie Wonder, Rosendo, Baron Rojo, The Fugees, Ilegales, etc.); his
experience and expertise have added the finishing touches to this tremendous
work of the band on stage.


album is available after 27 February in double digipak format and simple vinyl
plus downloading code. To celebrate this new launch the band will be going on
tour until the end of 2014, which will be the continuation of the one begun
with O Furacán.

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