Quality in Blues

April 2, 2014

Over twenty years have passed since
the harmonica player Nico Wayne Toussaint and the guitarist Michel Foizon began
to play together. They met in the French city of Pau in 1992 and immediately
became good friends; their shared passion for Robert Johnson and Muddy Waters forged
a personal and musical relationship that has led them to share the stage on
many an occasion, but which until now has not been recorded on a disc. At last
we now have On the Go, the first joint work by Nico Wayne Toussaint and
Michel Foizon. The duo has just participated in the International Blues
Challenge, a prestigious competition held every year in Memphis; they made it
to the final and managed to qualify for the top positions.

Nico Wayne Toussaint has stood out as one of the best European
harmonica players in the last two decades. Since 1998, he has recorded a
dozen albums, most of them from the Dixiefrog label, and which have been
distributed in France and the United States; for the last five years he has
been living between Miami and France, where he has his regular group, Mighty
Quartet. He is a regular musician in the blues circuit on the Florida coast,
and in 2010 participated for the first time in the International Blues
Challenge, representing the South Florida Blues Society. In 2012, he won the
prize for Florida’s best harmonica player and has received several awards for
his facet as a composer. Throughout all these years he has performed alongside
famous musicians like Mick Taylor, Five Blind Boys, Calvin Russell
and Magic Slim. For his part, Foizon has developed his musical career in
France forming part of numerous projects ranging from Blues to Gospel.

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