RIP: Live History of Punk’s 25 Years

December 9, 2005

It’s worth mentioning that the musicians that formed part of the group never gave too much importance to what they did, but in past reappearances and in their comeback in 2000, they had huge success with people of all ages massively swarming to their concerts.
After having long conversations with Jul and Txerra, the group’s remaining live members, there came to be a coming together of other witnesses of the period, who were eminent in the musical movement of the 80´s. Musicians, journalists, record producers… Josu Zabala (Hertzainak), Fermin Muguruza (Kortatu, Negu Gorriak), Jimmi (Tijuana in Blue), Mamen (Vulpes), Auo Iñigito (Etsaiak, Txapelpunk), Paco (Eskorbuto), Iñaki Beraetxe, Jabi Destruye… these are the protagonists that appear on the DVD contributing their opinions. Next, a search was made for live recordings from the period. It’s also important to keep in mind that many of the group’s unedited songs exist and are featured, as well as photos and diverse audio recordings.

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