Rollin’ Black Dice

September 13, 2022

mixed, and produced by Luis Fuente and José Funko at LUJOSA studios in Gijón
(Spain), mastered at Acme studios in Avilés by Miguel Herrero. A record that
lays the foundations of a project based on the original ideas of Juanma
Montero, but with the indispensable collaboration of the rest of the
components, keeping a perfect balance between music and texts, achieving with
it a brilliant collection of songs that delve into the search for an identity
of their own without complexes and without more etiquette than the extensive American
music iconography can dispense.

With a
distinctive Blues accent on the
instrumental and incendiary “Rollin’ the Dice” and going through the
most electric R&B on the upcoming
first single, “Moonshaker”, the band displays reminiscences from Little Feat and Faces on “Singing Hallelujah” strolling seventies folk rock fields on “Timeless time” with Julian Maeso on the hammond organ and a
sonority very similar to productions such as “Astral Weeks” from ineffable
Van Morrison. Blues as a common
thread throughout the album, is ostensibly manifested on “Raven’s Call”
boogie taking us to the raw and most primitive twelve bar sound. Instrumental
“Muddy Road” featuring Christian
on drums and signed by Luis Fuente, recreates desert landscapes with
JJ Cale spirit in a kind of preamble
to Dylan´s styled “The Waiting”
once again with Julian Maeso on Hammond organ while the band ends up with
“Sweet Little Nothing” plagued by nods to Marc Bolan and with a clear influence from the Rolling Stones.

They say
that there is nothing more daring than walking the chosen path, whatever it may
be and not departing from it. Rollin’Black
roll down on a paved road like a perfect machine, loaded with
brilliant songs, an amazing sound, and own personality, aware that whatever the
result, they will continue rolling the dice for the simple pleasure of doing
it, without complexes, without labels, but above all aware that there´s no
glory without risk.

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