Rude, provocative, rebellious, anti-stablishment

December 31, 2020


provocative, rebellious, anti-stablishment. We could use an infinite number of
qualifying terms to define rock and roll beyond a strictly musical point, but
without a doubt, if there is a word that defines what is a way of life for many
people, 20th century greatest musical exponent, a language that has served as a
guide to many other musical trends just to end up putting a soundtrack to
entire generations, the word would be attitude. Without attitude there is no
Rock and Roll.


three French musicians based in Bordeaux have a long background before King Kong Blues. Alex, singer and
guitarist, has developed a great professional career within Punk-Rock scene, in
addition to having been a member of “Cararaks”, a project highly influenced by
Basque Rock and whose repertoire included songs in Occitan and Basque. On the
other hand, Drummer Gilou has been a member from the rock & roll band
“Orange Macadam” along with the other guitar player, Gino,
who has also been part of bands such as “Parfum de femmes” and played
along with figures such as Lords of the New Church or Johnny Thunders. A musical
trajectory materialized on this project, proving not only to be one of the most
powerful live proposals in Europe over the last five years, but also,
consolidating itself as clear revitalizers of a kind of music that does not
understand artifice or Half measures, committed and direct messages, spirit
above technique.


Since its homonymous Ep from 2015 and  2017 
first record release “Make
Rock and Roll great again
” produced by Martín Guevara (Capsula) at the
Silver Recordings studios in Bilbao, the band formed by the guitarist and
Singer Alex, guitarist Gino and drummer Gilow, repeat their experience with
Martín Guevara and offering  a brand new
collection of songs with an impressive sound and the same coherence proved on
previous works.

¡Bam Bam! is a raw and
almost primitive statement of principles, with the band’s own and usual fury.
The Frenchmen turn to both Surf and Punk to recreate the old classic
“Got my mojo working” by Muddy Waters while the more classic Rock and
Roll recreates the libidinous “Les Filles”. Lysergic “Bam
Bam” gives title to the record recreating the urban environment while
“Gato Negro” goes through social protest and the politically
incorrect in Spanish, with clear influences from Basque Rock. “La
Machine” takes the Blues path due to slide guitar sound, not without
social criticism. Rogue Rock and Roll for the ironic Raymond” while the swampy
“Rumble in the Jungle” halfway between Bo Didley and Joe Strummer reveals
Alex’s vocal attitude throughout the entire work as an integrating vehicle for
the band´s spirit. “Trahison Man” approaches the dark side with
reminiscences close to Dr. Feelgood with punk sound. At full speed, the
effervescent and sharp “Frankie” in English this time, runs to give way to the
apocalyptic “We are Nothing” a Punk Shuffle
with ZZ Top essence. The crescendo on “Attends” with a clear existential
message, ends a full Rock and Roll record with an undeniable Punk attitude but
with the necessary Blues presence.

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