Start of the tour in Mexico

September 18, 2013

instrumental quintet from Arrasate-Mondragon (Basque Country) started up in
2008 with four musicians from other groups; they were subsequently joined by a
saxophone player as its fifth member. Their style is surf, rock n’ roll,
instrumental punk influenced by the 1960s’ sounds (in other words, The
Ventures, Dick Dale, Link Wray
), adapted to the current day with large
doses of energetic rock and melodic and rhythmic experimentation.

participated in various compilations of the genre, right now they are readying
their third release due out in the autumn of 2013.

Galerna are now a reality on the excellent and not that prolific instrumental
band scene. This is confirmed by their live performances, which at times are
dangerous and wild.

Doing rock n’ roll and surf music in a punk atmosphere is one of those
signs of genius that nearly always brings with it personality and natural
charm, which is lacking so much on the music scene. This band comprising five
masked members throws all its energy and art into its performance on stage, and
the most important thing is that these musicians are enjoying themselves and transmitting
their enjoyment. Without restricting themselves to a single style, glimpses of
garage, punk and even cha cha cha allow themselves to be caught, with attitude
and a dose of cheekiness, thus establishing differences with respect to other
bands in their circle.

Having the courage to use
different textures and colours within that “surf” sound, Los Galerna are a
perfect irreverent cocktail for a spaghetti western which could embrace
bandits, Mexican wrestlers, poisonous women, tequila and rum in equal measure
and even the occasional absent-minded Italian on a Vespa.


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