The art of improvisation, the unrepeatable

February 8, 2020


The beauty of the ephemeral, the art of improvisation, the
unrepeatable. “Acuarela de paso” is a canvas that
continuously mutates in each and every of its passages. Plagued with textures
and musical colors quite difficult to classify beyond the own consideration of
the listener without conditions, of the one who opens his senses and simply
lets himself be embraced by the beauty that underlies each of the seven pieces
that are presented to us.


Guitarist, singer and composer, Jaby Sánchez after
participating in countless projects related to Jazz and Blues over the years
and after the edition of his first solo work “Inner Blossom”, he has
become one of the most interesting and original musicians of the scene,
permanently exploring the fields of improvisation and traveling through the
currents of the so-called contemporary Jazz from a very personal point of view.
Sánchez’s usual collaborator in different projects, flute player Marta Mansilla
has a long Jazz and Flamenco career, collaborating with artists such as Jorge
Pardo, Bob Sands, Pedro Ojesto or María Peláez.


Recorded at “La Casa de la Madera” by Alfonso Ferrer in March
2019, “Acuarela de paso” could remind us of the works that the German ECM label
has been developing for several decades. Approaching guitarists as great as
unclassifiable as Bill Frisell or John Abercrombie. Works where the freedom of
the musician to express himself knows no more barriers than the search for the
unpredictable and the creation of subtle atmospheres.


Entirely composed and arranged by Jaby Sánchez, this work´s
keynote places us in the way of two exceptional musicians offering us the
sharing of their creativity in each composition under the premise of
improvisation, setting up a beautiful sound collage where Sánchez himself  sets the guidelines on the canvas from the
beginning with “One” to travel through more dreamlike spaces by Marta
Mansilla in “Dos”. Flute and guitar´s unisons in “Aisha´s playground”
create the perfect moment for both instruments improvisation in an alternative
way. Marta Mansilla performs the first strokes in “Cuatro” to give way to
“Siete” a musical piece with obvious Blues reminiscences with Jaby Sánchez as
the only instrumentalist. “Five” travels through intimate places
until reaching “Old Lion’s Mirror” full of nuances, evolutions and
developments, ending this album.


The beauty of the unique moment, the art of the subtle, music
to be heard without conditions, full of polychromies and essences difficult to
classify beyond the very consideration from the creators, who open their senses
and let themselves be embraced simply by beauty, giving us “Acuarela de paso”.

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