The brevity of life in the jazz trio

March 20, 2013

Juan Ortiz is a young man of 28 with a lot of
negritude in his veins, something difficult to find in our country. An
heir just as much of Herbie Hancock and Esbojrn Svensson as of Larry
Young, Sly Stone or Stevie Wonder, and inspired by the classical and the
modern, by Sonny Clark and by Uri Caine. We can check that out on this album
recorded live at the Hacería club in Bilbao.

This album captures the
energy of a pianist –during the years he was a member of The Cherry Boppers–
who has spent years toughening himself up using jazz, funk, soul and anything
that has put itself within reach of his fingers. Perhaps that’s why his trio
functions so well because his accompanists, David Ruiz and Borja
, also belong to this new generation who understand music
as something universal. Their level of understanding is
high and is based on the balance between playing very serious music and having
great fun while doing so. 21st century music.



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