The essence of a great musician

June 1, 2012

Saltas Por Algo may well have been a very
interesting composition laboratory for Jorge Abadías. Most of that band’s
repertoire was his, and he shared it with some famous names who trained with
him at Musikene (Academy of Music of the Basque Country), like Hasier Oleaga or
the Portuguese Luisa Brito. Back then, it was possible to catch a glimpse of
the essence of a great musician, perhaps expressed in a more theoretical and
cerebral way than on this first disc of his.

In a wise simplification
process, Nevermind Trio has, no doubt, ended up liberating
his voice, thus broadening his field of vision and providing his creativity
with wings.

As befits a young musician,
Abadías does not conceal his sources of inspiration, some more obvious -Pat
Metheny or Kurt Rosenwinkel, absolute totems of a whole generation of jazz
guitarists- and others overlooked ones -Jordi Bonell, Dani Pérez or John
Scofield. But in subsequent comparisons he succeeds with a rich, harmonious
discourse and his own script. 

Alongside him, Miguel Fernández leads the session with a modern,
dark sound full of expressiveness.  They
both share aesthetics very close to today’s jazz, and display great complexity
in the way they approach their voices and interweave them. Marcos
(piano and keyboards), Javier Callen (double
bass) and Fran Gazol (drums) competently do their bit to round
off a work that is almost devoid of cracks.

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