The new NOIZPOP label, focusing on indie sounds

September 19, 2003

NOIZPOP is open to pop groups (pop being understood in the widest sense of the term as a conglomeration of styles) both from the Basque Country and abroad. It aims to be a record label without frontiers, whose only concern will be to maintain strict criteria for quality and aesthetics.

The label’s visiting card is AUDIENCE, a group from Gernika which will be bringing out its second album ‘Second Handed’ at the beginning of October. The quality of the group is evident in its first album, Some Lovely Hands On Dry Skins, which received very positive reviews by critics and met with resounding success at all the different festivals in which the group has taken part.

According to the director of Noizpop, Gotzon Uribe, this is only a small sample of what the new Gaztelupeko Hotsak sub-label – NOIZPOP – may achieve in the future.

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