The piano trio’s swing

September 17, 2013


Playa del Alma is the first recorded work of the
pianist Rafael Santana in his own right. A disc with original items
composed by the pianist and recorded as a trio accompanied by Juanma Urriza on
drums and Javier Mayor on double bass. With outstanding collaborators, like the
pianist Iñaki Salvador,
or saxophone player Julen Izarra, who turns
the trio into a quartet; they are joined by the saxophone player Julen Izarra for the recording.

In case the performing aspect might not be enough on
its own, Rafa Santana shows in this recording his capacity as a composer, his creativity in a range of formats, his
sensitivity for the composition of melodic lines that appear simple but which
gain depth with much more complex harmonic brushstrokes and, at the end of the
day, it is the range of rhythmic proposals that enrich sound profiles of great
aesthetic beauty.

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