There are notes between notes, you know …”

March 25, 2021

“There are notes between notes,
you know …” said Sarah Vaughn. The exact blank space between notes that inhabits
the one who sings, thus creating a magical and unrepeatable moment. The mystery
that arises every second just to be solved almost in a mysterious and immediate
way, making up the best place for a Jazz singer creativity. As Gershwin would
define; In a way, life is like jazz … it’s better when you improvise ”.

Graduated in Cultural Management and Art History, Irati Bilbao’s musical career would possibly have run in other directions without Musikene, where she developed a solid training, although it is also true this young singer from Durango talent, would hardly have past unnoticed for any music lover, which has led her to combine different projects such as Irati Bilbao Quintet, Ekuru, Bilbao Lindy Band, Reunion Big Band, Sweet Margot, Swingtronix, working as a session singer in studio recordings and joining  Ahots Argiak and The Gospel Six choir. An incipient career that is consolidated on this record.

Recorded at the Mecca Recording Studios in Oiartzun (Basque Country). “Begin” is a impeccable workmanship
album , a record  that brings us closer
to the delicate, personal and cosmopolitan 
jazz vision from a great singer with the undeniable vocal influences
from great figures, always backed up by an excellent and experienced band
formed by Jorge Fernández on the
piano and   No Land trio member,
guitarist from Madrid, Eva Alcaide, Carlos Montul on  bass and drummer Aitor Bravo from Alava, remaining an esencial contribution is
essential in the development of each of the songs, putting in value Irati
Bilbao´s excellent work as  arranger and
composer developed on the record.

This record opens with the exquisite and disturbing “Anxious” signed by
Irati in contemporary Jazz mood to continue arranging and making his own, from
a new perspective “Beatrice” by the North American saxophonist Sam Rivers. The
delicious introduction in “The first time I heard Ella / My baby likes the
bebop”, the arrangements made by the singer, throughout this particular
tribute to Ella Fitzgerald, highlight both singer´s vocal technique  and her dominance of the Scat, as well as
band solvency. The magnificent “Stoner Hill” by drummer Brian Blade takes on a
new dimension by band’s hand and the text contribution to the song. “I’m
Hip” popularized by the singer and pianist Blossom Dearie runs through the
swing under the overwhelming scat from Irati. “Hopefully, my prince won´t
come”, signed and arranged by herself, puts an end to the record.

Begin” is the place
in which Irati Bilbao lives, a set
of magical and unrepeatable moments, an invitation to unravel the mystery that
underlies between notes, that mystery that arises every second and that only
true Jazz singers can clear .


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