they don’t play dixieland

March 20, 2013

Active since 2006 with
members of the pioneering Amama Luisa Brass Band in their ranks, their live
performances provide very lively, organic music, much collective improvisation,
and a desire to have a great time, which is infectious, dance, etc.; music that
pleases all the generations, from the rocker to the b-boy… it’s logical,
bearing in mind that the origin of what they do is shared by most of modern

BBBB’s influences are Dirty Dozen brass band, Rebirth
brass band, Hot 8, Charlie Mingus, Mahalia Jackson, Curtis Mayfield, De la
Soul, Ornette Coleman, The Meters, The Jazz Messengers….

played on a whole host of stages and streets, in Jazz Festivals, street
festivals and celebrations. They say, with the spirit of the brass bands they
are indebted to, “we play in all kinds of events”. At other times, they are
capable of simply getting into their van and turning up unannounced anywhere to
play in the streets in any town or city…


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