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September 17, 2013

Los Wachisneis is a band that stands out because it creates
music with the most varied of influences: Colombian folklore, jazz, classical
music, pop, rock, and contemporary music, plus other trends. The project aims
to create an in-house sound as a band through original compositions; one of its
most important goals is to transmit the energy the members enjoy when working
as a group of friends. The band has been formed musically in one location,
Donostia-San Sebastin, where it has its training headquarters with musicians from
many different places: the Basque Country, Colombia, Extremadura, Galicia,
Aragon and France. 

The band
was formed at the end of 2009 but has already been long involved in festivals
and clubs where it has been working on its repertoire.

the items have been composed and arranged by Carlos Trujillo, except for “En
el fondo”
, composed by Jorge Abadías.

Los Wachisneis are: Carlos Trujillo (piano), Charley Rose (saxophone),
Luis Verde (saxophone), Juanlu Puelles (clarinet), Jorge Abadías (guitar),
Aritz Luzuriaga (bass), Hilario Rodeiro (drums).

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