to be danced

May 4, 2018

Just like
any other style that drinks from afro american music sources. Funk music
crossed the ocean some decades ago, 
Growing up in a small but fruitful scene in wich The Cherry Poppers are
indisputable referents not only in the Basque country but in the rest of the
country becaming one of the most interesting projects in the european funk
music scene. On the other hand it wouldn´t be fair to limit their style to  one simple tag specially  when we talk about a band that has lasted for
fourteen years, recorded eight records and played hundreds of gigs around

Dancers Only” says it all from a band formed by Txefo K-billy (drums), Xixo
Yantani (percussion), Guru Teje (bass), Rambo “The street King” (guitar),
Raimund Dietzen (keyboards), Mihail Goldfingers (sax, flute) y Art LaRock
(trombone) developing a very unique style through this twelve songs in wich the
groove takes possesion right from the beginning on “Tout va Bien” or  “For Dancers Only” followed by “Simon is
Back” an early seventies  Funk music alusion.
“Marvin’s Night”  a Motown reminiscent
and a tribute to the long missed Marvin Gaye “4, 3, 2,1” half way between Latin
sounds due to percussion and Stax style chorus. “Doin´ Slowly” relaxes the
atmosphere thanks to Mihail Goldfingers on flute and Xixo Yantani´s percussion.
Back to the dance floor on  “Edición
Especial” and “LP Fiction”. Art LaRock´s trombone takes control along with
Raimund Dietzen on Keyboads on “Fostex Lady” taking  us 
dancing right to  “Run and Gun”
Rhodes organ brings us the very only female sung track the half jazz-half soft
soul“Susu Pétalos”. Black Cream” puts the record to an end gliding across the
dance floor.

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