October 21, 2022

The return trip, the way back that reveals
landscape´s transformation during the absence. What it was, no longer is. Back
and forth where past and present, here and there, are combined.  Continuous movement from an artist who sets
sail freely in search of the favorable wind and the propitious current to reach
new horizons. The one who left to explore the limits of creativity, mapping the
unknown and who returns assuming the challenge of abandoning himself to change.

Gonzalo del Val. Born in Miranda de Ebro, he began his musical
training at the early age of seven at his city Municipal Music Conservatory,
moving to Madrid where he studied drums, composition, and arrangements. He
obtained a scholarship at Conservatorio Superior de Música del Liceo de
Barcelona, where he obtained a higher degree in jazz drums and released his
first record “Seis cuentos musicales” as his final project.  In 2009 he was awarded the “Jóvenes
Excelentes” scholarship to study at Manhattan School of Music in New
York.  His extensive career has led him
to record more than forty albums, joining so many projects and collaborating
with a large number of international artists. He has also been combining his teaching
career with the release of six albums as a leader, crowning his career with the
2020 best jazz album award with his previous record, “Cancionero” establishing himself as one of the most valued, restless,
and sought-after musicians in the jazz scene.

In 2016 he
moved to Dublin where he developed his musical career over three years,
collaborating with some of the most important musicians from the scene. “Tornaviaje” was born as a result of
this experience. A record in which Gonzalo del Val not only takes up his skills
as a composer but also moves away from the usual trio format to adapt and
perfectly design each of the compositions to a quartet line up, considering
both the language and the stylistic contribution from band´s members. A
spectacular quartet integrated by Romain
, one of the most outstanding and influential guitarists from the French
scene and Brian Blade, Greg Hutchinson collaborator among others.  Renowned and award-winning trumpet player, Raynald Colom whose career runs
alongside names such as Nicholas Payton, Greg Osby and Chano Domínguez among
others and the young and virtuous double bass player Manel Fortiá, a reference and one of the most promising figures of
his generation.

A band that
moves elegantly through Gonzalo del Val compositions, from the thrilling
“Es Bot” and the evocative “Agrio de limón” to
“Galeón” and “Los tres mulatos de esmeraldas”, where
different band members influences become evident. Record runs in perfect
balance under Gonzalo del Val direction under contemporary jazz flavours and certain Jazz from the 70´s reminiscences, full of colors in “Azur” and “Simple” proving band´s
virtuosity on “Big Nick” and ending this work with the delicate and Brazilian influenced “Gota d’agua”,
the only song with vocal contribution with input from the splendid Catalan
singer Carme Canela

Tornaviaje” is the story that
talks about the return after having explored other vital horizons. Gonzalo del Val is that artist who set
sail in search of a favorable wind and current and who returned to tell the
tale. The one who left to probe the limits of creativity, mapping the unknown
and who returns assuming the challenge of abandoning himself to change, to

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