Tribute, commitment, and pure sound pleasure

September 23, 2021


Grebalariak” does not forget about the socio-political
concerns that always permeate Juan’s albums, and in this case refers to the
general strike called La Canadiense in 1919 on its 100th anniversary. Thanks to
it, among other things, the 8-hour working day was established, and the song Greba
itself is dedicated to those people who fought and gave their lives for it.
Nor does it forget to leave a small nod to Jack Johnson and the
disastrous consequences of his resounding victory over the white boxing
champion in the African American community. Thus, becoming a symbol of struggle
to which great Miles Davis already referred to in a tribute album and whose
echoes resound in the beautiful Juan’s trumpet phrasings.

Tribute, commitment, and pure sound pleasure.

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