two referents within the Blues European scene

August 7, 2019


A work that does not abandon
orthodoxy at any time but mainly being influenced to a great extent by  Jacobs 
color and  vocal tone, with
evident dyes of Soul and Funk right
from the beginning with the recreation of “It is not safe “by
Clarence Carter, to move to the more orthodox shuffle in” Going to Berlin
“and move mid-time on” What or doing “,  going back to instrumental funk Blues on” C.J.Bounce to C.J.Chenier
”  all of them written by Jacobs.
Followed up by “Stranded” the other cover from the record in shuffle key with Coll´s harp skills “Hey
Baby” brings us back to Chicago   electric
from the sixties, bringing to mind Junior Wells and Buddy Guy golden
age. Co-written by both artists “BluesCazorla Booguie” developed as
an instrumental song reveals great understanding between both musicians. The
influences are very varied throughout the record  “One too Many Times” could have been
written by the Carey Bell and sung by Robert Cray  summing up  the record philosophy wich wanders from  traditional Electric blues to the  the unique perspective of two musicians from
different backgrounds, with different influences, but with the same goal, making
an excellent record. According to that, they conclude it with the live version
of “Going to Berlin “this time with nothing more than Will Jacobs
voice and guitar joined by Marcos Coll on harp.




We might think about this
record as just another Blues album reviewing the tradition of the genre with
more or less fortune.  Just another record
full of covers that often justify a tour and keep the artists in motion We
could not be more mistaken “Taking our time” is a work with
a very defined personality, fleeing from the obvious at all times. Basically,
made up from original themes, played by two referents within the European
scene. Two artists who join forces and make this work a celebration itself.

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