January 30, 2018

Víctor Aneiros belongs to that kind of musicians who have been combining
wisely  Blues feeling and Rock energy
during several decades, switching from 
his mother tongue, Galician, English and Spanish along eight records,
playing almost in every national and European Blues festival, hundreds of gigs
developing a very coherent  musical
career with no concessions but his own virtuosity as a guitar player and
composer. A pioneering artist who has brought over his own roots and the beauty
of Galician poetry to the twelve bar blues style becaming one of the  most consolidated propositions through his
own songs.

“Un extraño
entre la multitud” has been recorded at Bajo Cero Studios by Víctor Gacío,
mastered and mixed by Segundo Grandío and produced by Segundo Grandío and
Aneiros himself. Aneiros is joined by a outstanding band which really knows how
to handle this musical style. A band formed by Fran Rey on keyboards, Marcos
Sánchez on drums, Víctor Gacío on bass, An over all work matched up to any
contemporary international Blues Rock artist. One of the benefits from
following an artist with such a long career, no tricks. Everything must sound
where and when no meter what.


Olvido” A rock and roll home town picture, urban poetry trademark about a town
that could be any town leading the way to Víctor Aneiros ninth record. On “Bar
de noche” and “Cerca del puerto” developing a dimly day life portrait led by a
powerful guitar playing along with the band while the Galician´s harsh voices
keeps on strolling through rock without concessions  just to be followed by “Bórrate” a true
manifesto  as well as “Vuelvo a casa” a
half beat built up from acoustic guitars and hammond with old time american
music flavour. Down to earth Blues on “La mala hora” a cover from Auserón
Brothers filtered with Hendrix style. On “Mucho postureo” Aneiros lead to the
probably the most commercial song from the record but not least sarcastic and
critic. Followed by “Refugiados” once again acoustic guitars and organ formula
takes place revealing as well as the rest of VIctor songs  his social commitment bringing up to light his
own world view. Ending up with “Estoy solo” a 
night ride on urban rock speedways.

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