June 2, 2005

Bergara Pantxoa XABALTX was born in Zudaire, in the Northern Basque Country. Author, composer, singer, poet and radio presenter, he has engaged in a wide range of activities from a very early age. In 1986, alongside Mixu, nowadays the frontman for the group Sustraia, he formed a pop/folk band that went all around the Basque Country playing at a large number of venues. This was the era of Itoiz, Hertzainak and Minxoriak.
In 1990, Xabaltx launched his solo career, after forming a backing band that accompanied him in his repertoire. He recorded three solo pop-rock albums:
-Zalantzak (doubts)
-Gau erdi pasa eta
He spent time in Ireland, living, gathering experiences and playing in different venues. He has also composed a number of songs for others. Now, in June, he will begin to present the songs on his new album in the company of a band formed by new musicians.

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