Youth, talent, curiosity, work, and a lot of love

February 26, 2022



Kike Arza
Electric 4tet (second project on behalf of bass player/double bass player). A
record rigorously developed, and deliciously
fresh in its subsequent enjoyment at the same time. Starting from electric bass
and other instruments fusion as a result of a deep investigation from Guillermo
Klein work and especially his concepts about “filters” and
“keys” developed by the brilliant Argentine musician (Musikene Jazz School
member since 2008) and of course, the great talent shown by the quartet itself
due to their dazzling ability to combine technical discipline, delicate
sensitivity, and playful enjoyment in a single chord. The filters and keys
devised by Klein about rhythms superposition in complex structures and
mathematical precision and baroque harmonic construction where time (or rather
our time perception) moves elastically. Kike Arza 4tet’s music is inspired by
all of them without trying to prove them. Kike’s compositions thrill with their
evocative elegance and with the light of their beautiful melodies, with that
cinematic view just like small soundtracks from films that perhaps we watched or
thought we believed we did or sometimes dreamed to watch or live in our own
flesh. Everything overlaps and gets confused in a single second, in a song, in
a lifetime.


That is the true value from an exceptional record
signed by Satxa Soriazu (San Sebastián, 1977) on piano. Higher degree
musician who has studied with Iñaki Salvador, Ed Simon, Kevin Hays, Rob Van
Bave among others and has performed in numerous Jazz Festivals such as Getxo
Jazz Festival or Ezcaray Jazz Festival. He has been part of Alberto Arteta
Group and worked as a session musician for artists such as Anje Duhalde or
Gorka Knörr. Adrián Fernandez (Vitoria/Gasteiz 1995) on guitar, he´s is
a  honors graduate at Advanced Music Conservatory
of Navarra in 2018  and has attended
numerous masterclasses by Chris Cheek, Aaron Goldberg or Reuben Rogers and has
been part of   Iñaki Askunze big band and
has participated as a  sideman in many
recordings, among them his own album “Urjauzia” from 2017; Daniel
(Pamplona, 1988) on drums, has played with great musicians such
as  Robin Eubanks and Masa Kamaguchi and  has been a regular musician at prestigious
festivals such as Jazzaldi, Jazzfermín or Cultura Inquieta, standing out The
Broken Brothers Brass Band or Lurpekariak among 
many others in wich he participates. And finally, Kike Arza
himself (Pamplona 1981) on electric bass. Graduation Prize Winner at Musikene.
A tireless collaborator, besides having backed Iñaki Salvador, Mikel Andueza,
Carmen Canela, and many others. He´s been leading his own band such as Kike
Arza Quintet which was awarded the BBK prize in 2012 and has even taken part in
musical projects far from jazz sounds as well, such as Pasión Vega, Noa,
Estrella Morente or María Dolores Pradera.

Youth, talent, curiosity, work, and a
lot of love at the service of an inexhaustible album.




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