ACHE PA TI in transformation

March 6, 2024

Ache Pa Ti reminds of a group of explorers in permanent seeking for different cultures, melodies, dances, and instruments not forgetting their Basque roots but being able to blend musical diversity with stunning easiness. Ache Pa Ti was created in Iruña/Pamplona 20 years ago by five musicians with different backgrounds as a meeting and experimentation point linked by two main passions, the love for Latin jazz and Cuban roots music, on the one hand, and Basque culture and traditional folk on the other.

The presence and relevance of the txistu, an instrument that rules most of the melodies, leads and adapts to all kinds of Latin melodies and rhythms with enormous simplicity and naturalness, is particularly remarkable on this record. Ache Pa Ti demonstrates that boundaries between instruments, sounds and styles are only in our own minds.


The band does not intend to restrict itself just to that, far from it. In this second album, titled Bilakatzen (in transformation), they have traveled even further, more daring, and deeper, if possible, to end up bringing us another little treasure. Recorded live at Artica cultural center in March 2023, pop, jazz, and world music for all continents can be appreciated.  Caribbean Zortzikos, Mexican zapateados from the passacaglia, echoes of ancient Pyrenees, San Fermin songs and oriental dances combine into a whole that is impossible to refuse all led the txistu, more powerful, free, and cheerful than ever.

“Ache” is a word in Yoruba and the expression “ache pa ti” means a wish for good luck and happiness. With the gift of this exciting music in our hands, we wish the same to this wonderful band.

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