March 19, 2024

“There are notes between notes, you know …” said Sarah Vaughn. The exact blank space between notes that inhabits the one who sings, thus creating a magical and unrepeatable moment. The mystery that arises every second just to be solved almost in a mysterious and immediate way, making up the best place for a Jazz singer creativity. As Gershwin would define; In a way, life is like jazz … it’s better when you improvise”.

Graduated in Cultural Management and Art History, Irati Bilbao’s musical career would possibly have run in other directions without Musikene, where she developed a solid training, although it is also true this young singer from Durango talent, would hardly have past unnoticed for any music lover, which has led her to combine different projects such as Irati Bilbao Quintet, Ekuru, Bilbao Lindy Band, Reunion Big Band, Sweet Margot, Swingtronix, working as a session singer in studio recordings and joining  Ahots Argiak and The Gospel Six choir. An incipient career that is consolidated on this record.

concerts in March and May

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