Centennial Light

February 27, 2023

The merciless passage of time constantly brings us back to the idea of art as an everlasting process to achieve the sublime, the eternal. The art that does not stand the test of the days is perhaps just entertainment, with no other purpose than to be a mere distraction doomed to be extinguished as time goes by. The true success of
certain artists not only lies in the process of creation itself, but also in the intimate responsibility that they acquire with themselves throughout the journey
in search of the sublime, the enduring.

Centennial Light explores the search for its own non-transferable space, full of unique landscapes and colors since its inception with “BLM” or “Peach#2”, already revealing both author´s compositional ability and his impeccable quality as a soloist. A record full of sensations that travels through the narrow soundscapes loaded with unexpected dynamics in “The Cat Plan” to give way to the emotional in “Best things in life”. Perfect communication between the musicians gives us the evocative  Centennial Light” to approach the subtlety of “Autumn song” and the spontaneous of “Programmed Obsolescence”. The ability to perfectly combine form and  mprovisation in “Amargura” along with the suggestive “Old Friend” form a unique work under the aesthetic flexibility of contemporary jazz.



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