I die as I lived

May 30, 2023

“Yo muero como viví” ( I die as I lived) is born from guitar player Dani Artetxe deep love for the great Silvio Rodriguez music, and his desire to deepen in it, going beyond recreation, adding his own voice and especially his extraordinary guitar sound, in a project conceived with a lot of affection and care, after several rehearsing months and adjusting the appropriate songbook. Dani is joined by several of his fellow students from the Pamplona Conservatory, with the exception of Jon Carranza (Bass), an old friend and partner from Esmuc in Barcelona, Dani is joined by several of his fellow students from the Pamplona Conservatory, with the exception of Jon Carranza (Bass), an old friend and partner from Esmuc in Barcelona, and together they record this great 8 track session under Julen Urzaiz direction at “Sounds of Sirens” studios in Pamplona.

Dani Artetxe is from Bilbao and he´s graduated at CSMN in Jazz Guitar Performance and has played in festivals such as the Vitoria Jazz Festival, Ondas de Jazz, Bilbaína Jazz Club and currently plays in ensembles with artists such as Alberto Arteta, Felix Rossy, Iñigo Ruiz de Gordejuela or Eric Surmenian.

In the line-up of great musicians and friends that join him we can find Adrián Buenaga, from Cantabria, who has studied at  Classen Institute for Advanced Studies in Music and Performing Arts in Oklahoma City, with the renowned professor Riggie Irons and has collaborated with groups such as the band Grupo de Jazz Cudonia, Jaguayano, T-Walkers and is a member of the recently created Big Band of Santander. Piano and keyboard player from Pamplona Borja Echevarría studied classical piano and harpsichord at Pablo Sarasate Professional Conservatory and graduate studies on Piano Jazz Performance and music pedagogy, he also has performed with artists such as Deborah Carter, Ramón Cardo, Toni Vaquer or Agustí Fernández.  Dani Olazarán, from Navarre has higher studies in percussion and drums at  Pablo Sarasate Conservatory of Music and has worked with numerous musical groups and influential artists on the world scene as Deborah Carter, Ilja Reijngoud, Yorrick Troman or Eric Surmenian among others. he´s a Suakai  musical company member touring with their project `Música en cada rincón´ along 2020, 2021 and 2022 and recorded their live show  `Stella´ at Navarra Arena. Jon Carranza, from Bermeo and professional graduate on electric bass at  Julia Foruria Conservatory in Gernika, studied at  ESMUC where he studied electric bass with Gary Willis, Ignasi Zamora and Pep Perez Cucurella, and scholarships for excellence awarded by the Anna Riera Foundation. He has collaborated in projects in a wide range of formats and styles, such as Mississippi Queen & The Wet Dogs, Escandaloso Xpósito, Franz Schubert Filharmonia, Guy Salamon, Vicente Marín Trio among many others. And lastly, Lorena Aisa, who studied classical piano and jazz singing at Conservatorio Superior de Música de Navarra, and has subsequently expanded her range to rock or reggae in several recordings and touring with Skabidean, one of her many projects.


We find ourselves, above all, in facing an enthusiastic and vital tribute full of tremendous energy. Dani’s guitar plays and molds the beautiful original melodies, at times with an overwhelming fierceness and at other times with the delicacy and accuracy of a goldsmith. Not in vain, among the influences he cites for the creation of this album we find references as heterogeneous as Black Sabbath, King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard or Supertramp, and the truth is that it is possible to find echoes of all of them in his exuberant range of sounds. His project partners follow his pace letting loose in each song without complexes, caught and immersed in the same current and enjoying it, expanding and brightening the themes in an amazing synchrony that demonstrates the care with which everything has been prepared and that love for Silvio, for his melodies, for jazz and for the power of music, in short. A small delight.


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