Paul San Martin meets the Broken Horns

January 19, 2024

Paul San Martin is a performer who far beyond his instrumental skills, has demonstrated his passion for American music throughout his career. Pianist, singer, composer and piano blues tradition expert, his career also embraces a wide range of influences, from jazz, rock and roll, gospel or rhythm and blues to American songbook repertoire.

Paul San Martin meets the Broken Horns” recalls the sounds from a golden age that no longer exists and at the same time, endures eternally as a universal heritage. The sounds that reverberated from Mississippi churches to of Kansas City slums are now revisited by an extraordinary musician whose heart beats under the spell of that timeless and eternal magic that lies behind the twelve bars.

Once conceived, music belongs to no one, and it belongs to everyone at the same time. It belongs nowhere and it belongs everywhere. It dwells in the memory and in turn, it is millions of people lives soundtrack every day. Once conceived, the blues left its golden age behind. New Orleans, Chicago or Memphis became mere tourist destinations except for those who maintain a taste for the genuine. The Blues ceased to be someone’s property and became a universal heritage whose homeland is in the hearts of all those who let themselves be enchanted by its magic, by the timelessness and eternity that lies behind the twelve bars.

It is said that the piano invention was to music what the printing press was to literature. While it is true that the origin of this instrument as we now know it could be placed in the early eighteenth century, it would not be until twentieth century dawn, when the piano takes prominence within the genre. From the churches of Mississippi, the slums of Kansas City to the most refined St. Louis brothels, the blues piano has become a fundamental element to understand blues music development.

A tireless worker since the early age of fifteen, this pianist from San Sebastian has worked with many artists and played in a large number of projects. Since his time in Stay Blues band to Triz3ps, Soulbros, The Romanticos or Mojo Hand collaborations, he´s shared stage with artists such as Lluis Coloma, Nico Wayne Toussaint, Romain Gratalon or Billy Boy Arnold.



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