Ruben Salvador & RS Faktor

March 14, 2023

Everything flows smoothly under the unflappable law of change. The sage, knows nothing, devoid of desires and goals, but only accepts the impermanence of things
naturally. Good or bad will always be transient concepts and will embrace them devoid of conditioned thoughts, desires, or goals, with the same naturalness that accepts day and night, high or low in perfect balance and equable with what is.

Graduated in Classical Trumpet at Conservatory of Vitoria – Gasteiz “Jesús Guridi” and Jazz Trumpet at Conservatory of the Basque Country “Musikene”. Rubén Salvador, in addition to having an extensive experience in musical education, has gone through numerous musical styles and trends, from rock and pop with artists such as Kiko Veneno. Xoél López or La M.O.D.A and R & B artists such as Travellin’ Brothers or The Allnighters, Mauri Sanchis, Ortophonk, Gasteiz and Santiago de Compostela bands, participating in several soundtracks and recording up to forty records along their trajectory. In the jazz scene, he has worked under Bob Sands, Dick Oatts, Miguel Blanco direction in different Big Bands and has collaborated with musicians such as Iñaki Salvador, Andrei Oleijnizak, Ion Robles, alternating these collaborations with his personal project called R.S.Faktor, with which he has released “Starting” and “Akúfeno” obtaining different awards and garnering great success among press and audience.

Recorded entirely live at Pottoko Studio by Fredi Peláez, mixed, mastered and produced by Fredi Peláez, Hilario Rodeiro and Rubén Salvador himself, who for its achievement, is joined by Hilario Rodeiro on drums, Satxa Soriazu on piano and Rhodes piano, Aritz Luzuriaga on double bass and electric bass, Julen Izarra on tenor sax. Four outstanding musicians from local scene that along with Ruben Salvador on trumpet and flugelhorn, team up R.S. Basque Faktor.

Inspired by Buddhist meditation technique, Vipassana. “Equanimity” is the work of a musician whose creativity slides smoothly under the precepts of this millenary teaching, full of accents, colors and cadences that cohabit with the language consubstantial to jazz.  An album with an enormous expressive content only attributable to an artist conscious of the moment, in perfect harmony with himself and with what really is.  Rubén Salvador moves on the sound scaffolding proposed by the brilliant cast of
musicians from the band, right from rhythmic deployment Afro-Latin sounds on  “Anapana” as a starting point corresponding to the beginning of the meditation where  attention is focused on the breath itself to pass through the delicious “Vibration Triangle” and the dynamic “Vipassana” until reaching “Equanimity” and “Annica”
where the group establishes a more than interesting dialogue between counterpoints and melodic lines. Evocative atmosphere on “Adhitthana” whose literal meaning is “firm determination” gives way to “Dhamma” or “Law of nature” delicate mood to move through the subtle rubato on “Panna” or “Wisdom” in free improvisation mood where Rubén Salvador shares authorship with Hilario Rodeiro. In the purest Be-bop style “Samadhi” or “Concentration” is endowed with unusual harmonic changes and
contorted melody to discover “Sankhara” meaning “Reaction” co-written by Salvador and Rodeiro again avoiding preconceived musical concepts through improvisation, ending up with the cheerful “Metta” or “Selfless love” with New Orleans second line rhythm based.

is based on the inevitable law of change, the passing moment consubstantial to jazz  language , a record conceived by a musician aware of the impermanence of things, in perfect balance and equanimity with what it really is.


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