Sensei Music Ensemble

April 14, 2024

Alex López “Sensei” graduated from Conservatory of Amurrio. He has been working as a musician for more than 20 years. He has participated in several Basque, Spanish, and international festivals, collaborating with Iñaki Plaza, Naroa Gaintza, Chiki Lora, Xabi Aburruzaga, Iñaki Uranga or El Consorcio. In several interviews, the bassist emphasized the tremendous impact that studying and performing with the great Avishai Cohen had. Despite being a composer born into the world of jazz, Alex was particularly impressed by his unique way of working with the relationship and mixture of folk, and it is something he has always tried to incorporate into his music. But perhaps he has never done it in such an impressive and vibrant way as in this new project.

The Sensei Music Ensemble   was formed in 2020 by seven musicians to pay homage to Avishai Cohen. Now Alex dares to go one step further and has expanded the band to 10 members, adding 3 voices to the ensemble, giving a suggestive sensuality, danceable and joyful to all the melodies. Currently, this unique initiative is founded on the following musicians Alex López “Sensei” himself (double bass and vocals), Carla Sevilla (vocals), Hilario Rodeiro (drums and percussion), Raquel Roche (vocals), Rubén Salvador (trumpet and fiscorno), Estíbaliz Moyano (vocals), Raúl Vera (acoustic and electric guitar), Irantzu Garamendi (flute and vocals), José Luis Canal (piano) and Julen Izarra (soprano, alto and tenor saxophones). Iñaki Plaza and Kepa Calvo also contribute on txalaparta and percussion. An impressive and diverse ensemble that posed an enormous challenge to the Amurrio musician from the beginning. However, Alex is able to lead the ensemble towards his particular and elegant musical vision. He transforms it with enormous naturalness into a sonorous, lively, organic entity, open to constant surprises. The polyrhythmic richness of these three infectious songs, which come to us as a preview, makes us want more, much more.

The group’s presentation will take place at UrduFolk Festival (Basque Country), and besides these three songs, it will be a good opportunity to enjoy other new compositions to be released in the coming months. It will be a total of 6 very different and special concerts.

Alex says that he is a live animal and the seasons without concerts become eternal. But he doesn’t want to repeat himself and play the same songs all the time. He’s up for a challenge and now he’s ready to try triple somersaults with this new ensemble. He lands on his feet with elegance, of course. A precious initiative that deserves to be followed with full attention.



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