The legacy of the legendary songwriter Malcolm Scarpa.

March 31, 2024

After the publication in LP/CD format of some home recordings under the title MALCOLM meets SCARPA this month the reissue of his book “¿Qué te debo Jose?” will be published. The album and the book will be presented on Abril 16th in Madrid in an event in which there will be live performances among friends and journalists.

Perhaps the best description of a musician as important as the great Malcolm Scarpa is the most unclassifiable. An artist who embodies a time that no longer exists, a time when almost anything was possible. Pioneer of unpredictable sounds, genre painter, introverted and ironic. Far from all fashions and fashions, with the principle of staying true to oneself, to one’s music, to one’s art and, most importantly, to one’s worldview.

Malcolm Scarpa’s legacy continues with the release of this compilation after his death in 2022. It is a careful selection of songs chosen by his sister Rosa from the vast amount of unreleased material that Malcolm once recorded on cassette at home. A small part of the musical heritage of the musician from Madrid for the delight and enjoyment of his fans. A point and follow-up in the career of a pioneer and unrepeatable artist who, after more than twenty recordings, continues to surprise us with his freshness and compositional genius. Chameleonic and prolific like few others, his work is sprinkled with an inexhaustible stream of influences, styles, and trends. A reference and one of the pioneers along Ñaco Goñi in the blues scene, through swing, country, jazz, classical or cabaret to his unforgettable incursions into pop or psychedelia, influenced by his adored Ray Davies and Brian Wilson.


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