Txuma Murugarren & Nick Cave

April 9, 2024

Many Nick Cave fans consider “Nocturama” (2003) as one of the weakest of his long career. Especially those who felt uncomfortable when the Australian author stepped into a more introspective and placid phase with “The Boatman’s Call” (1997). They longed for the darkness and violence of his first period and got off, so to speak, the train of his discography. Of course, it is an understandable and respectable position, but in the same way, there are many other fans who especially love and recognize that period and who deeply value and admire the visual strength and the deep emotionality of the impressionistic and somber lyricism exhibited in those albums. Among them is, without a doubt, Txuma Murugarren. A enormous creator, paying tribute to that “reviled” Nocturama, in an unbeatable and really beautiful way in this very special album that we now present.

Txuma Murugarren needs no great introductions, but to briefly place his career, he started out in the 90’s as founder and member of the prestigious Sasoi Ilunak. Since 2000 he has been acting as a solo artist and has a long and prolific career that began with the raw acoustic melodies from his first album “Nire Leihoak”; to later on, he entered a more electric and solid style on “Hegazkinen Arima” (2001). From then on, he has always been curious, even approaching Pop or electronic music, without ever losing his creator and unmistakable singer role. In any case, the milestone that has ended up becoming the germ of this new album was in 2014, within Izar & Star cycle, Txuma Murugarren performed “Nocturama” at Campos theater in Bilbao.

This work has become an album recording. Txuma has translated Cave’s lyrics into Basque with great care and sensitivity, without losing any of their original magic. He has made use of old and trusted partners such as Rafa Aceves (piano), Miguel Ramírez (guitar, bass), Oriol Flores (drums), Angel Unzu (guitars) and has turned them into his own Bad Seeds. They have been able to capture with mastery the band’s special steady and cinematographic tone, providing us with sincere, friendly, impeccably elegant, very personal, and deeply moving covers.

Gautegia is already another new highlight in Txuma Murugarren’s discography. An album that should place Txuma himself, as an individual artist and creator, in the place that he deserves. Among the greats, of course.


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