1. Turkey on the barn.   mp3
2. Hurry up Joe.
3. Fucked up.
4. I left my heart in San Francisco.
5. Blue shadows.
6. Born in Santiago.
7. Need my babe.
8. Revelation.
9. Twist & Shout.
10. Reno factory.
11. Wade in the water.
12. There’s dead in my family.
13. Luther’s thing.
14. Hey tomorrow night.
15. Cuncas Blues Special.

Lagar 74 (Madrid), april 2002

Marcos Coll: harmonica.
**Adrián Costa**: voice and guitar.
Javier Vacas: bass.
**Antonio “Pax” Álvarez**: drums.
**Ñaco Goñi**: production.

Marcos Coll and **Adrián Costa** are from Santiago (Santiago de Compostela, in Galicia) who landed in Madrid three years ago to “bluescare” life and wasted no time in joining the Tonky Blues Band. Since then they have had time to accompany this band with figures such as Buddy Miles (ex-Jimi Hendrix) and Mick Taylor (ex-Rolling Stones) o have jam sessions (with Tom Jones amongst others). So, you’ve got an idea of the strength and quality these two have on the stage. On this, their first album, they are joined by a great rhythm section, Javier Vacas on bass y Antonio Alvarez “Pastel” on drums and who have been musicians with groups such as La Vacazul and Tres Hombres. After this short introduction, I hope you enjoy listening to them as much as I had a good time producing this, their first album.

Ladies and gentlemen, you have before you The Kings of KO!

**Ñaco Goñi**

Disc Type: CD
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