Funky tortillas


Under the name of Funky Tortillas are collected – waiting for his next solo works-new original songs from two names that are now among the players to consider for blues fans.

This is the extraordinary collaboration between Los Reyes del KO, called by some “The Europeans Junior Wells and Buddy Guy”, Marcos Coll (harmonica) and Adrian Costa (vocals, guitar), accompanied by electric band, on the one hand, and on the other Tino Gonzalez, the late Chicano bluesman known for his albums on the French label Dixiefrog. 10 tracks in total, where you can listen to different variants of the genre, from the more traditional R & B, via the latin groove. Another proof that the blues knows no geographical boundaries or distinctions.

1- Funky tortillas- Tino Gonzales

2- How lucky are we- Los reyes del K.O.

3- I ain´t gonna pray- Los reyes del K.O.

4- Cloak of misery- Tino Gonzales

5- We all lose- Tino Gonzales

6- The last time- Los reyes del K.O.

7- Trying to stop thinking about you- Los reyes del K.O.

8- Da boy can play- Tino Gonzales

9- We gonna paint the town red- Los reyes del K.O.

10- Lord my friend- Tino Gonzales

Disc Type: CD
Publication date: 2009/12/06
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