Getxo 07


People Are Machines formed in 2004, and have a clear musical vision based on the way in which each band member interacts with the others as they play all together and as duos and trios. Sometimes the bass player may point the way for the pianist, or the tenor sax may urge the drummer on to greater things. Each musician is listening to all the others, and they never develop their pieces linearly but fly in the face of the routine of taking turns as soloists. People Are Machines remind us that adventure and surprise should always be close companions in jazz. Every piece features changes of rhythm and melody that are resolved with true intensity and passion and not just as notes on a stave.
This impression was confirmed at the awards later that night: they walked away with both the jury prize and the audience prize for Best Group, and their pianist Magnus Hjorth took the award for Best Solo Artist.
This album promises to stand up to repeated listening, and shows that People Are Machines are ready to work on any stage they choose.

Disc Type: CD
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